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Fuse Teacher Feature: Meet Maggie Derrickson

We might be biased, but we think our Fuse instructors are badass and yes, very hardcore. Exhibit A: Maggie killing it in crow pose. As we kick off our fifth Fuse teacher training AND debut our second studio this Fall (woo hoo!), … Continue reading

Pilates Mini-Workout for Abs, Thighs, Glutes & Arms

Can’t make it to the studio today? Stay hardcore with a mini-workout on our YouTube channel. In our latest video, Laci leads you through a set that targets your lower abs, obliques, glutes, thighs, and arms.

Active Stretching vs. Passive Stretching

Active stretching: it’s not an oxymoron! In the latest on our YouTube Channel, Fuse’s resident stretchy expert, Clare, discusses the difference between an active stretch (the kind that might leave you sore the next day, in a good way) and … Continue reading

1 + 1 = Fuse 2!

Yes, there will be new offerings. No, we can’t tell you about them yet. (But we’re really, really excited!)

Stop the DC Fitness Tax!

Let’s (NOT) pay more for fitness in DC!   On May 29, the DC Council decided to vote on fitness in DC. We just won the fittest city in the country (the entire country!), so it was time to celebrate!! … Continue reading

How Often Can I Do Pilates?

We received an email from a student the other day: I just took my first class yesterday after … running and barre classes, and really enjoyed it…Then I woke up completely sore this morning. Can I take another class the next … Continue reading

Flexibility Makes Us Stronger

Want to work on your flexibility? Did you know that all of Fuse Pilates DC classes work on full range of motion through joints, increasing flexibility? And that can improve how you move and even how you feel.

So This Functional Movement Thing…What’s That About?

There are several popular workouts floating about that claim to be “functional fitness.” Some of them I like. Some of them I think are dangerous. To avoid starting an Internet war, I won’t name names. Let’s just talk about functional … Continue reading

What to Expect… in a Fuse Pilates Prenatal Class

Fuse teacher, doula, and mom Randi Moore took time out of her (very) busy schedule to give us an overview of what to expect in Push Prep – one of our most hardcore classes – designed just for moms-to-be. And … Continue reading

The July Fuse Photo of the Month

Exercise reduces your risk for countless diseases, including laziness and fatigue. We don’t necessarily recommend this one (that wall was pretty high), but try to get in a little exercise daily. It does a body good.