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Fuse Teacher Feature: Meet Maggie Derrickson

We might be biased, but we think our Fuse instructors are badass and yes, very hardcore. Exhibit A: Maggie killing it in crow pose. As we kick off our fifth Fuse teacher training AND debut our second studio this Fall (woo hoo!), … Continue reading

Pilates Mini-Workout for Abs, Thighs, Glutes & Arms

Can’t make it to the studio today? Stay hardcore with a mini-workout on our YouTube channel. In our latest video, Laci leads you through a set that targets your lower abs, obliques, glutes, thighs, and arms.

Active Stretching vs. Passive Stretching

Active stretching: it’s not an oxymoron! In the latest on our YouTube Channel, Fuse’s resident stretchy expert, Clare, discusses the difference between an active stretch (the kind that might leave you sore the next day, in a good way) and … Continue reading

1 + 1 = Fuse 2!

Yes, there will be new offerings. No, we can’t tell you about them yet. (But we’re really, really excited!)

All About Foundations (Fuse Pilates for Not-Just-Beginners)

By Fuse teacher and guest blogger, Monica Shores  Picking my favorite Fuse class to teach is like picking a favorite color—which, if you’ve been exposed to my fashion sense, is something I struggle with. How can I choose when I … Continue reading

The Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Shaky Muscles

Have you ever been so tired that your eye starts twitching? Besides an awkward wink that is potentially attracting the wrong people, it’s a telltale sign of fatigue. A good night’s sleep is a quick remedy for an uncontrollable eye … Continue reading

The Dangers of Compulsive Exercise

Sideline: Your friends at Fuse Pilates strive to keep you entertained and informed. We like funny, off-the-wall things just as much as the next ADD-afflicted millennial. But sometimes we have to put on our serious hat. This is one of … Continue reading

What Does a Pilates Body Look Like?

There has been a lot of talk (buzz) about the Pilates body. What is it? First, it’s a terrible misnomer. There is no exercise program that would result in one “body type,’ since everyone’s body is so different. Take a … Continue reading

Fuse Pilates Photo of the Month: March Edition

By: Mariska Breland. Follow Mariska on Google+. This March at Fuse Pilates, we want to celebrate all that is awesome—starting with a very special person in this photograph. We’re not sure his name, but he has great taste in transportation. … Continue reading

Introducing the Fuse Pilates Photo of the Month

By: Mariska Breland. Follow Mariska on Google+. When the founder of your method used to be a Creative Director, you have to assume some of that will come into the Fuse Pilates studio. Plus, Mariska has great relationships with local … Continue reading