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Probiotics – What You Need to Know

Lucia Litman is back with another guest blog post. Lucy is a native Minnesotan, but has lived in DC for the past 7 years. She is an avid Fuse Pilates DC student and you will see her at the studio several … Continue reading

What is Head Ramping?

Head ramping? What?? Simply it’s about finding proper alignment of your head balanced atop your spine. Here’s how to do it. (Turn up your audio – we realize we need some help in the video production department.) Need some help … Continue reading

Top 3 Ways Pilates Helps with Spinning

Fuse student (and spin aficionado) Kara Reinsel joins us for this guest blog post. Kara is a regular Fuse Pilates DC student who you can find in Foundations, regular Fuse, and the occasional reformer class.  By day, Kara is a … Continue reading

How Much Training Does Your Trainer Have?

Ever want to see me get fired up? Tell me about someone trained in a single weekend, without any anatomy being part of that training and who is out there teaching someone fitness. Or worse, someone who was trained for … Continue reading

Exercise and Your Brain

Last summer, I went to Pilates Anytime in Santa Barbara with a mission: Teach people how mind-body movement really works Fill a gap in fitness education by overviewing the anatomy of the central nervous system – the computer behind both … Continue reading

Fitness Motivation from Sesame Street

I don’t remember a lot from Sesame Street… beyond how to count, my alphabet, and that some monsters like cookies, just like me. But with young nephews, a niece, and friends having kids left and right, I’ve started to see … Continue reading

Happy Hour or Workout?

In life, there are a lot of difficult choices. One of the toughest (first world problem) choices is whether to hit happy hour or your workout. At Fuse Pilates DC, we don’t think there really needs to be a choice. … Continue reading

How Often Can I Do Pilates?

We received an email from a student the other day: I just took my first class yesterday after … running and barre classes, and really enjoyed it…Then I woke up completely sore this morning. Can I take another class the next … Continue reading

What Workout Song Are You?

We all have our own workout styles. We have people who like to work up a sweat and those who prefer to glisten. We have early risers, night owls, and lunchtime fitness buffs. Some of us are avid non-runners, and others … Continue reading

Starting Fresh this January

Lucia Litman joins us as a guest contributor to the Fuse Pilates DC blog with some thoughts on starting fresh in 2014. Lucy is a native Minnesotan, but has lived in DC for the past 7 years. She is an avid Fuse … Continue reading