The Fuse Crew’s 2016 Health & Fitness Resolutions

Resolve (noun): firm determination to do something. If you started 2016 determined to perfect your tricep pushup game, learn to love kale, or make time to meditate every morning you’re not alone! Our instructors are working on their own resolutions this … Continue reading

Pilates for Yogis: How Chair Can Help with Handstand

Fuse Pilates instructor Jen René joins the blog for a series of guest posts to explore the ways that Pilates enhances her yoga practice. Jen is the co-founder of Ashtanga Dispatch and the director of the Mysore Program at Flow … Continue reading

Working Woman: Mariska Breland on ABC7

Mariska caught up with reporter Alison Starling of ABC 7 News in Washington, DC to discuss Pilates, fitness, and the importance of exercise in treating chronic illness for the Working Woman segment that aired Friday, January 8, 2016. Watch the … Continue reading

10 Ways to Create a Workout Habit in 2016

Yes, yes. You know what to do. Work out more. Do some cardio and some strength training. Sitting is the new smoking. If you don’t exercise, you increase your risk for cancer and diabetes and premature death. You get it.

Strong is the New Toned

Let’s face it. As far as we’ve come in the world of fitness and fitness marketing, there’s still a whole load of horseshit out there. First, not everyone can be tiny. Let me repeat. Not everyone is capable of being … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Pilates on Tour Conference

Before I became a Pilates teacher, I had an entirely different career as a video and event creative director. A big part of what I did was what I’ll call “corporate theater.”

Fuse Pilates vs. Barre

Lately, it seems like a barre class is opening in every studio and gym across the city. With all the recent buzz about barre, we’re often asked about it. What is it? What do we think of it? How do … Continue reading

The Anatomy of Rehab – Recovering from Surgery With Pilates

In June of this year, I had two abdominal surgeries. The irony of that does not escape me. After all, I’ve been teaching Pilates for well over a decade, and I’ve always been proud (and maybe a little vain) about … Continue reading

How to Build a Better Butt

I’ve never had much of a butt, but imagine how shocked I was when I lost it completely. How did it happen? Well, I was sick, and I lost weight, and I turned around, and just like that… no more … Continue reading

Pilates: It’s a System

Although you can get a great workout doing Pilates mat classes or Pilates reformer classes or other apparatus classes, did you know that it’s really within the system of all of the different apparatus that you get the best results?