5 Reasons Why Commuters Should Workout in DC Before/After Work

1. You’re Already Here After taking the metro, are you really going to go home, change and then go to the gym? For you overachievers, props to you. However, during that time you could have worked out in DC and … Continue reading

Where’s Mariska?

Some of our students have been asking where I’ve been lately, so I thought I’d take to the blog and catch you up. In late May, I had a CT-scan for a weird bulge in my abdomen. It came back … Continue reading

Wrinkles, Jowls, Grays, and Other Obstacles to Aging Gracefully

The other day in the studio I overheard a girl lamenting about turning 30. Girlfriend, please. I just turned the big 4-0. 40 years old. Of course I always planned on becoming 40, but there’s something about that number that … Continue reading

Could this be the best workout ever?

When we were looking to expand our Fuse Pilates DC location, we wanted to add something new to our offerings. That new thing became Fuse Ladder. Ladder is my perfect workout. It combines the best of all fitness disciplines. There … Continue reading

Your Fitness Teacher’s Secret Shame

The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have a problem. My name is Mariska. I teach Pilates. I work out almost every day. I wear the same size as I did in college. I have low body … Continue reading

4 Ways the Pilates Tower Can Enhance Your Machine Workout

Curious about the Pilates Tower? Fuse instructor Meredith Capps explains a few of the ways springs and bars can enhance your workout. Give Tower a try at her Posture and Balance Circuit Challenge workshop at Fuse Dupont on March 29th! … Continue reading

Why Pilates After Baby?

This post is brought to you by Fuse instructor, certified Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and mom of three, Randi Moore. Share With Your Friends

Fuse Pilates Fans: Liza & Andrew Strelka

We must admit that we get a special sense of (slightly sadistic) pleasure when one of our female students brings a male friend or significant other to class for the first time. As we’ve discussed on our blog here (and … Continue reading

The Fuse Ladder: Redefining Hard Core

No, it’s not a training apparatus for firefighters. Over the years, many students have asked if we offer (or were planning to teach) barre classes. Our answer has always been (and remains) no – there are plenty of studios out … Continue reading

From Skinny Fat to Fit

Striving to be thin? Fit should be your goal. After all, skinny fat is a real thing. Check out this blog post Mariska and Clare wrote on it a while back. Fuse Pilates DC teacher and holistic health coach-in-training Meredith … Continue reading