Strong is the New Toned

Let’s face it. As far as we’ve come in the world of fitness and fitness marketing, there’s still a whole load of horseshit out there. First, not everyone can be tiny. Let me repeat. Not everyone is capable of being … Continue reading

Strong = Sexy: Leading Ladies Who Love Pilates

We’re celebrating Friday with an homage to fierce females who do Pilates! See why stars rely on the Pilates method to stay fit and strong. Share With Your Friends

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Pilates on Tour Conference

Before I became a Pilates teacher, I had an entirely different career as a video and event creative director. A big part of what I did was what I’ll call “corporate theater.” Share With Your Friends

Fuse Pilates vs. Barre

Lately, it seems like a barre class is opening in every studio and gym across the city. With all the recent buzz about barre, we’re often asked about it. What is it? What do we think of it? How do … Continue reading

The Anatomy of Rehab – Recovering from Surgery With Pilates

In June of this year, I had two abdominal surgeries. The irony of that does not escape me. After all, I’ve been teaching Pilates for well over a decade, and I’ve always been proud (and maybe a little vain) about … Continue reading

How to Build a Better Butt

I’ve never had much of a butt, but imagine how shocked I was when I lost it completely. How did it happen? Well, I was sick, and I lost weight, and I turned around, and just like that… no more … Continue reading

Pilates: It’s a System

Although you can get a great workout doing Pilates mat classes or Pilates reformer classes or other apparatus classes, did you know that it’s really within the system of all of the different apparatus that you get the best results? … Continue reading

Student Testimonial: Emilie Mathieu

In our latest testimonial we pay tribute to one of our favorite #FuseHardcore students Emilie Mathieu! Share With Your Friends

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should – Rehabbing from Surgery and Why Private Instruction Matters

I’ve just passed the official two-month mark from my (double) surgeries, and I thought I was (maybe) ready to venture back into some Pilates.  Although I can’t get out of bed without rolling to my side, moving my legs over … Continue reading

10 Tips for Finding a Great Group Workout Class

What makes a group fitness class great? Is it the one that’s the newest? Promises to give you a dancer’s body or six pack abs? Guarantees that you’ll burn 700 calories in a class? It is an import from a … Continue reading